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Grant Call 2019

Measuring Employability & Life-Long Learning Mindsets Needed for Careers in the 21st Century

A/Prof Ringo Ho Moon-Ho, Nanyang Technological University

We aim to develop a suite of psychological measures of the new, more proactive and entrepreneurial “employability-oriented” career mindsets and behaviours and the spirit of lifelong learning that are needed for greater career resilience in Singapore’s future century workforce. In doing so, we seek to provide a baseline measure for subsequent profiling/monitoring of our pre-workforce, tertiary students’ new career mindsets and lifelong learning attitudes.

Project Summary by PI here
Grant Call 2019

Challenge-Learn: Developing and Assessing an Andragogical Programme and System based on Co-Skilling to Enhance Employability and Learning

Asst Prof Pee Loo Geok, Nanyang Technological University

Co-Skilling is a practical approach to adult learning by co-creating ideas and solutions with relevant career stakeholders. It offers systematic guidance to connecting learning to current or future career advancement, as well as demonstrating usable learning outcomes. This research project develops an online system that implements Co-Skilling principles in institutes of adult education. The impacts of Co-Skilling on employability and learning are also assessed.

Project Summary by PI here
Grant Call 2018

Socio-Materials that Matter for Traversing the Boundaries of School and Work

Dr Chue Shien, Nanyang Technological University

• Delineate the social and material affordances that matter for effective internship learning • Explore changing identities of undergraduate students as they cross between boundaries of institutions and the workplace • Design a tool-kit for preparing young adults for learning at the workplace • Provide recommendations on strengthening existing support for continuous learning

Project Summary by PI here

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