Discover IAL's strategic partnerships with a vibrant ecosystem of stakeholders towards building an effective Training and Adult Education (TAE) sector.

To build an effective, cutting-edge TAE sector, IAL has created a vibrant eco-system of stakeholders from diverse sectors and roles. 

Deepening national-level research in TAE

IAL’s research and strategic partnerships are formed to support national-level TAE research and focus on four key research areas— digital futures and skills; work and lifelong learning; career, employment and labour market; and adult learning pedagogy, technology and TAE ecosystem.

The institute’s strategic partners range from local and international universities to institutes of higher learning and industry partners across sectors. This diversity allows a strong knowledge base to be built and constantly updated with local and international best practices.

Raising Capabilities of TAE Professionals

Since its founding, IAL consistently has been raising the capabilities of TAE professionals through a range of high-quality programmes.

From accredited programmes to short just-in-time professional development courses, IAL’s diverse offerings strive to meet the skills upgrading needs of TAE professionals. IAL’s accredited programmes, for instance, are offered in collaboration with established institutions such as the Singapore University of Social Sciences and Griffith University.

Catalysing Innovation in Learning

IAL’s dedicated innovation arm, inlab, is set up to catalyse learning innovation in the sector. Partnership is central to inlab’s work, as it works closely with EdTech companies, training providers, and enterprises to advance the adoption of learning innovations.

Such partnerships enable IAL to cultivate a robust technology ecosystem as it brings together enterprises and industry partners to explore, collaborate, experiment, and develop innovative learning solutions.

Fostering a Culture of Workplace Learning in Enterprises

IAL’s Centre for Workplace Learning and Performance (CWLP) leads the institute’s efforts to embed a culture of workplace learning in enterprises. Through its Learning Enterprise Alliance initiative, CWLP works closely with enterprises to advance workplace learning.

As an appointed National Centre of Excellence for Workplace Learning (NACE@IAL) provider, CWLP also provides business consultancy services to help enterprises embark on workplace transformation initiatives, partnering such organisations closely to achieve optimal results.

Representing Singapore on an International Level

The institute represents Singapore on the regional and international stage in prestigious research networks such as UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning, Asia-Pacific Centre for Education for International Understanding (APCEIU), Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organisation Regional Centre for Lifelong Learning (SEAMEO CELL), SEM Education and Research Hub for Lifelong Learning (ASEM LLL Hub), and the International Expert Monitoring Panel on work-based learning in vocational education and training (VET) by the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training, Germany.