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What is innovDev?

innovDev is an initiative developed as a multi-agency effort with Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) to support the aims of the Training and Adult Education (TAE) Industry Transformation Map (ITM) in driving nationwide digital transformation in the TAE industry. Supporting these aims, innovDev offers Training Providers and Enterprises (TP&Es) with L&D units:

  • innovDev workshop on curriculum redesign: 5-hour complimentary workshop where each participant brings one existing/new course for a hands-on session on curriculum redesigning.  Participant completes a 45-min introductory self-directed online learning on 6 Principles of Learning Design (6PoLD) prior to the workshop.
  • Review of redesigned course plan: Participant can opt to submit the redesigned course plan within one month after theworkshop.  A complimentary review by a nominated innovDev consultant (up to 5 hours) will be conducted.  Participant will receive feedbcak and suggestions on the redesigned course plan.
  • innovDev coaching programme: Participant can opt to apply for innovDev coaching programme (up to 25 hours).  A co-payment of S$540 inclusive of GST is applicable.

Why innovDev?

innovDev provides up to 35 hours of subsidised training, consultancy and coaching to help TP&Es in improving their capacity to design/re-design blended learning and/or technology enabled learning to upskill and/or reskill their workforce. This support programme provides the flexibility for TP&Es to scope which portion of their courses they wished to improve on as well as extends to the type of courses that TP&Es can submit. The courses can be either publicly-run courses or internal-facing courses, WSQ or non-WSQ courses, government-funded ones or otherwise.

innovDev is conceived to support training providers and curriculum developers in development of their training courses in both blended and online learning environment. Think of innovDev as a support initiative to offset the risk of experimentation or attempting potential improvement. innovDev Consultants would guide the TP&Es in whittling down potential options while being aware of TP&Es' limitations.

How will I benefit from innovDev?

  • 35 hours of subsidised training, consultancy and coaching to be spent enhancing your desired course
  • Expertise and guidance from blended learning coaches to ensure pedagogical soundness of courses
  • Development of blended learning capabilities of L&D staff
  • Flexibility in determining scope of consultancy support required based on your organisational needs

Do I qualify for innovDev?

The admission criteria for innovDev includes:

  1. The Organisation applying for innovDev programme MUST be a Singapore-registered company.
  2. The Organisation must have at least 1 existing course or new course (in development).

How does innovDev work?

Success Use Case

TeamworkBound, an organisational development and team performance training provider. Being a largely facilitation-based training provider, lots of the content is delivered via face-to-face engagement. At the start of pandemic disruptions, the performance of training was only kept up by the quality of in-house trainers despite being largely limited to delivering Zoom-only, didactic training. A hands-on, immersive training had been nerfed to half-a-body snapshots within small windows on a computer screen.

Mr. Ebnu, who is the Director of TeamworkBound and his staff Aphroz enrolled into innovDev to seek a way forward in improving his blended training as immersive and easy-to-deliver for in-house trainers and administrator. An innovDev Consultant was assigned to TeamworkBound to guide them in digitalizing part of their courses. Scenario-based storytelling portion of the training was initially delivered by their trainers through a webcam. The innovDev Consultant guided the trainers through a pedagogically-sound video platform with integrated knowledge-check assessment onto their online training system. Thus, it gives learners more selection of scenarios that resonates with their profile, and trainers more time to provide personalized feedback with learners based on their assessment.

Upon completion, the blended curriculum also provides additional modes of delivery and outreach to other markets beyond Singapore. The intervention includes building up the skillsets of TeamworkBound's staff, who managed training coordination to take on a critical backend supportive role, to edit and curate digital learning materials. This includes taking a proactive approach towards building and developing future digital contents amongst the suite of programs.

The videos as well as the quizzes was a good way for me to see (how) the problems play out and for me to reflect and think about my personal characteristics respectively” mentioned one learner who benefitted from the transformed course. Another learner feedbacked: “I enjoyed the course it was interactive and I did not feel bored or uninterested.” despite receiving a facilitation-based course delivered in mixed online and F2F channel.

Application Process?

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*  Admissions are ongoing. Please download the Application Form below to apply.

**  Feel free to contact Ivan Lee ( if you have any queries.

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