Personal Mastery - Agility for Continuous Learning

Lecturer iconJames Tan (Mr) | Louise Phua (Ms)
Course Duration: 1 day
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What Is The Session About?

Learning agility is a mix of speed, variety and depth. Every job requires a specific combination or mix of these three dimensions of learning agility whether you pursue skills mastery, or lead your staff in analysing vast amounts of data in a short time in order to stay relevant.

What we learn, the way we learn it, and how we are taught is changing. This has implications for lifelong learning. The next ten years will see unprecedented shifts in the demographic, economic and technological forces that shape the workplace and workplace learning needs to adapt in order to stay relevant. Hence managers will need to display versatility and adaptability in managing a diversity of attitudes, working styles and motivators, and with the help of L&D professionals to tailor training/learning opportunities accordingly.

This course, which focuses on the Critical Core Skills (CCS) of ‘Learning Agility’ at intermediate level, is designed to help you stay relevant by deploying various learning approaches in different settings to maximise opportunities for learning, self-reflection, and measuring their impact on the achievement of career goals. Developing learning agility will help you in at least 3 ways: 
  • embrace life-long learning
  • achieve personal satisfaction
  • achieve career aspirations

What Does The Session Cover?

The learning outcomes of this programme are:

1. Deploy various approaches and strategies for learning, development and performance improvement
2. Achieve career goals and growth through career planning strategies and mentoring engagement
3. Drive learning transfer to get results and determine how to evaluate learning interventions

Learners will also gain the following:

Knowledge-based learning objectives imparting the know-what of:

Career Management strategies - Key elements of Career Planning & Development.
Enabling learning transfer and Strategies to demonstrate the impact of learning programs - Techniques to apply learning outcomes in unlocking learning transfer.
Mentoring Techniques - Critical things mentors do; Types of mentoring.
Experimentation techniques using Kolb Experiential Learning Cycle; Self-reflection techniques & guided reflection.
Types of learning delivery pathways; Self-directed learning techniques.
Skills-based learning objectives imparting the know-how of:
Analyse L&D learning trends and examine what is emerging, established and disappearing to maximise learning opportunities; employing low-cost variety of training initiatives that can be implemented immediately to maximise learning opportunities.
Plan for a Community of Practice to collaborate on sharing experiences. Make a marketing pitch to leaders on implementing knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer in the workplace.
Outline your career development plan to boost your career progression. Set up mentoring engagement using various mentoring approaches to advance your career.
Conduct guided reflection to help team member see things differently.
Explore actionable ways to implement learning transfer, getting the most out of training through pre- and post-training action-planning.
Adopt the New World Kirkpatrick 4 levels to demonstrate impact of programmes

Who Is It Suitable For?

  • Leaders and managers who want to enable self-development, drive a continuous learning culture across different contexts, facilitate continuous career planning and mentoring to ensure progress and development for self, and with your team. 

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About The Speaker

James Tan Tor Yeow (Mr)

James Tan Tor Yeow (Mr)

Training Consultant
James Tan is a specialist adult educator (SAE) with over 45 years of domain practice and management role in Oil and Gas, Infocom, Training and Adult Education sectors. His span of work and competencies include systems implementation, process reengineering, change management, human capital development (skills & resource deployment), training, curriculum design and community development. He is a strong believer of lifelong learning for self-actualisation and fullness of life in every individual.
Louise Phua (Ms)

Louise Phua (Ms)

Regional Director and Learning Designer | AIMS International Singapore Pte Ltd

Louise Phua has about 20 years' experience in corporate and consulting organisations. With extensive experience in multi-national human resources service providers, she is deeply familiar with talent acquisition and talent management in Asia. Louise is a Talent Coach, Facilitator, Trainer and Learning Designer.

Well-versed in talent management in Asia Pacific. she helps international companies to find and grow their talent and organisations. Her early career was in marketing and the media and in recent years, she has stints as a Learning Designer.She adopts a holistic and integrated approach to adult learning based on the Three Dimensions of Learning (Illeris, 2008). She has been involved in curriculum and instructional design for learning projects targeted at young adults, mid-career professionals and elderly learners. Her recent clients include Airbus, Nanyang Technological University, Sephora, Singapore Tourism Board, Temasek Polytechnic and counting.