Exploring AE Career Journeys: Insights from Practitioners

Lecturer iconClare Poon (Ms) / Cynthia Lau (Ms) / Kris Loy (Ms) / Patrina Loo (Ms)
Course Duration: 2 hours
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Course Dates

23 Oct 2023 - 23 Oct 2023
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This session is held on 23 Oct, 7.00pm - 9.00pm. Registration will close on 13 Oct, 2359hrs.

“The past exists only in our memories, the future only in our plans. The present is our only reality.” Robert Pirsig

Embarking on a career as an Adult Educator (AE) can be simultaneously exhilarating and challenging. It represents an avenue for personal growth, entrepreneurial pursuit, and harmonising work-life arrangement - motivation as diverse as the individuals considering this path.


This is a fully online session conducted via ZOOM. Participants can participate in the session from any venue of their convenience with a laptop / device that is compatible with ZOOM. More details on participating in the session will be send to the confirmed registrants.

What Is The Session About?

This 2-hr session is tailored to bring you closer to the experiences of experienced practitioners. We aim to offer insights into the ever-evolving Training and Adult Education landscape and engage in discussion that illuminate your readiness to embark on a career as an AE.

What Does The Session Cover?

This session aims to: 

 Provide perspectives for individuals aspiring to become Adult Educators
Offer a platform for sharing vital information concerning the Adult Educator landscape.

Who Is It Suitable For?

This session is meant for individuals who are considering becoming an Adult Educator or seeking insights into the dynamic world of TAE.

Course Funding and Policies

This session is open to AEN members for free. To register for AEN membership, please click here.

About The Speaker

Cynthia Lau (Ms)

Cynthia Lau (Ms)

Principal Learning Facilitator and Designer | Fastrek Learning Pte Ltd

Cynthia Lau is an energetic and enthusiastic facilitator who thrives on creating engaging, inspiring and practical learning experiences. Her key focus is to enable individuals and organisations to achieve sustainable results and performance from learning. Since 1997, Cynthia has designed and developed various training programmes for business and sales processes, leadership and team development, and innovation and change management. She is currently an adjunct adult educator with the Institute of Adult Learning, (IAL) Singapore.


Cynthia’s more notable achievements include designing and delivering capacity building and reform programmes for public service in emerging economies such as Laos, Cambodia and Sri Lanka. Besides this, her international experience also covers training participants in Australia, Africa, India and the Dutch Caribbean. Some of Cynthia’s past clients in Singapore include AVNet EM, Becton Dickinson BD Medical, Economic Development Board, Defence Science and Technology Agency, National Computer Systems, Singapore Police Force, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Home Affairs, Symrise Asia Pacific, Vopak Singapore and Zuellig Pharmaceuticals.


In the last few years, Cynthia was involved in developing modules for the WSQ Advanced Certificate for Learning and Performances (ACLP) and the WSQ Diploma in Design and Development of Learning for Performance programmes(DDDLP). In addition, she has also developed the curriculum for a Career Conversion Programme (CCP) for Citizen Journos.


Cynthia holds a Masters in Education (Training & Development) from the University of Sheffield and a B.Soc Sc (Hons) in Sociology from the National University of Singapore. She also possesses a Certificate IV in Training and Development (Australia), Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) and Diploma in Adult Continuing Education (DACE). As a career guidance professional, she holds an Advanced Certificate in Career Facilitation and completed the Certificate in Hope Action Theory. 


She has been a Special Adult Educator (SAE) under the Adult Educator Professionalisation scheme since 2015.

Clare Poon (Ms)

Clare Poon (Ms)

Adult Educator | Institute for Adult Learning

Ms Clare Poon is a freelance Adult Educator with the Institute for Adult Learning.  In her fifteen years of experience in the retail, healthcare and training industry, her work involves frontline retailing; deliver customer service programme locally and overseas; design and develop curriculum; conduct stand-up training; audit training programme; provide consultancy; facilitate workplace learning project; and provide career development guidance.  Clare enjoys meeting people and creating meaningful opportunities to enable learning.


Progressing from projects that revolve around the Workforce Skills Qualification, her recent focus is skewed toward workplace learning and career development facilitation.  Clare holds a degree in Master in Training and Development (MTD) from the Griffith University.


Professionally, she holds a Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education (DACE) and Advanced Certificate in Career Development Facilitation (ACCDF) from the Institute of Adult Learning; and Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) from the Singapore Institute of Management.

Patrina Loo (Ms)

Patrina Loo (Ms)

Adult Educator

Ms Patrina Loo is an accomplished freelance Adult Educator (AE) in learning facilitation, coaching and consultation. Having worked with a diverse profile of learners both locally and overseas, she has designed and facilitated training in Service Excellence, Service Quality and Team Building. She engages with clients from a broad spectrum of industries to address training needs, design and contextualises programs to build capacities and sustain team performance. Known for her vibrant style of engaging learners, she is passionate about creating meaningful learning experiences. Patrina's involvement with Institute of Adult Learning's (IAL) spans from initiatives in sectoral research and interventions in Learning and Performance Transformation (LPT), to enhance Continuous Education and Training (CET) effectiveness for the security and retail sector, to career development facilitation in support of Developing Freelance Adult Educators.


Patrina holds a Master in Training and Development (MTD) from Griffith's University, a Diploma in Adult and Continuous Education (DACE) and Advance Certificate in Career Development Facilitation (ACCDF) from IAL and Advance Certification in Training and Assessment (ACTA).

Kris Loy (Ms)

Kris Loy (Ms)

Adult Educator

Kris Loy specialises in HR Development, Business Process Management, Business Development & Marketing in the retail, F&B and Hospitality sectors and has over 20 years of experience working with all levels within organisations in the field of Human Resource Development (including courseware design and development, training management, organisational learning, workplace learning and facilitation) at national and industry levels. In the last 12 years, she has worked closely with the retail industry in Singapore to support its people development needs by offering education and training programmes that help to enhanced their professional capabilities.

Kris holds a Master of Arts in Lifelong Learning from UCL-IOE, a Graduate Diploma in System Analysis from NUS-ISS, a Bachelor of Science in Management from UMIST, a Diploma in Marketing from Singapore Polytechnic and a Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education from IAL. She is also appointed as a SkillsFuture Mentor and Business Advisor to SMEs by SPRING Singapore and a certified Workplace Learning Specialist with IAL.

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