[SIG] Impact Facilitation with Agile Practices

Lecturer iconIsa Jamaluddin (Mr), Tan Guan Heng (Mr) & Bernard Chwee (Mr)
Course Duration: 2 hours
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Course Dates

07 Nov 2023 - 07 Nov 2023
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This session is held on 7 Nov, 7.00pm - 9.00pm. Registration will close on 30 Oct, 2359 hrs.

Process facilitation is one of the most used and sought-after intervention process used by organisations to improve and increase performance. It has a definite place in the skills of anyone pursuing interest and career in people and organizational development. It stands amongst the great processes to master in this current era.

How do you harness and build your skillsets as a process facilitator? How can you balance the Art and Science of facilitation? What would make your facilitation session one that is valuable to you and to your clients?

Journey with us as we take you through and support your development in being a process facilitator.


This session will be conducted face-to-face at IAL. More details on participating in the session will be send to the confirmed registrants.

What Is The Session About?

As organizations respond to the accelerating pace of external changes today, individuals and teams are often functioning in a climate of ambiguity that challenge progress and decision-making.

While facilitators serve as enablers to progress team thinking forward, many are burdened by complicated relationships and complex situations that impede constructive facilitation sessions.
Are you in seek of a tool kit to empower you through such circumstances?
Impact Facilitation with Agile Practices is a workshop to equip you with a practical approach to propel individuals and teams forward with consensus-based decision-making. You will be immersed in contextualized facilitation cases to experience the value you can create in complicated relationships and complex situations.

A good facilitator enables qualitative outputs. A great facilitator empowers meaningful outcomes!

What Does The Session Cover?

At the end of the session, participants will be able to take-away the following:

Describe the role of an Agile Facilitator 
Relate to the concept of “value” and identify priorities.
Apply cost-of-delay concept in decision making.
Execute agile facilitation voting technique.

Who Is It Suitable For?

Adult educators who are interested in building their facilitation skill sets and to be a better facilitator.

Course Funding and Policies

This session is open to AEN members for free.  To register for AEN membership, please click here.

About The Speaker

Isa Jamaluddin (Mr)

Isa Jamaluddin (Mr)

Managing Director | Compas Management Consulting Pte Ltd

Isa Jamaluddin, Senior Action Learning Coach, Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF), has been an Adult Educator for 20 years.

He is also a corporate facilitator, coach and consultant who has delivered programmes for corporations and Fortune 500 clients across the world. He currently conducts Action Learning Coaches certification programmes in Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and China. He also sits on the Board of the World Institute for Action Learning. 

Having been in the L&D industry for more than 39 years, Isa believes that a developmental approach is critical for the development of behaviours. With this belief and passion, Isa has continuously worked on better approaches and processes that enhances his capability to be of service to others. 


Equipped with an arsenal of tools and processes to deploy in his facilitation work, he employs the right and best approach that produces outstanding results in organisations and performance outcome.

Tan Guan Heng (Mr)

Tan Guan Heng (Mr)

Head Academy and Mentor-in-Resident | Gametize Pte Ltd

With over two decades in corporate and leadership roles, Guan Heng anchors real-world experiences in  every programme he facilitates. His passion is in the soft skills including emotional intelligence, leadership, problem-solving/decision making, the art & science of persuasion and critical thinking. He has designed and developed programmes in these key focus areas. Guan Heng often incorporates principles of Agile, Action Learning, critical thinking methodologies and activity-based learnings into the programmes he facilitates. The breadth of his facilitation experience includes learning programmes, focus groups, OKR, Mission/Vision/Values,  leadership transition and strategic business planning exercises. Since 2021, Guan Heng has also been developing his knowledge in gamification, having consulted, been certified and subsequently facilitated in the certification programme, which has resulted in a greater understanding of engagement and (user) experience in gamifying the learning journey.

Guan Heng spent over two decades in the conventions and shopping centre industries before pivoting to adult education. As an advocate of lifelong learning, he continues to develop his repertoire by acquiring certifications in Agile and Action Learning coaching, Enneagram, emotional intelligence, gamification to create an engaging experience for learners. Currently also consulting for a homegrown gamification solutions provider, Guan Heng assumes the role as the Resident Coach as well as develop capabilities in the Academy business. He was recently inducted into the board of the World Institute for Action Learning.

Bernard Chwee

Bernard Chwee

People Consultant | Adult Educator
Bernard last served as a Human Resource Leader in the Logistics Industry and is currently working with leaders, managers, and professionals across industries as a People Consultant | Adult Educator.

He offers more than a decade of HR experience and specialises in Human Resource Transformation, Organisation & People Development, Agile Ways of Working, and Change Management in the facilitation of valued business outcomes. He specialises in
  • Driving transformation & change initiatives
  • Performing the role of a learning facilitator, assessor, and learning solutionist with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) recognised Training and Adult Education (TAE) competencies
  • Facilitating the adoption of agile practices and techniques and
  • Coaching individuals towards human excellence with Multi-Intelligence NLP
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