Who are they?

Under the national Adult Education Professionalisation (AEP) initiative, ignificant contributions in their relevant Training & Adult Education (TAE) fields of practice. They are industry veterans who set the benchmark of quality and excellence, and serve as a role model and inspiration to the TAE community.

What are they recognised for?

The Adult Education Fellows are recognised for their following attributes:

  • Made significant contributions in the relevant TAE fields of practice;
  • Established in their TAE field of practice, advocating learning in the context of organisational performance; and
  • Demonstration of commitment to and action in Continuing Professional Development or Lifelong Learning.

How will they contribute?

Adult Education Fellows will actively contribute to the advancement and betterment of the TAE community through the undertaking of a voluntary leadership role within the TAE sector:

  • To be a role model and mentor to inspire and nurture TAE professionals
  • Advocate collaboration at industry, national and/or international level
  • Shape learning and practice in the TAE community
  • Foster growth, seeding of new ideas and catalysing innovation
  • Influence and drive TAE initiatives

Be inspire by our 

Adult Education Fellows

Annie Koh

Developing talent for small and medium enterprises

Professor Emeritus of Finance (Practice) | Senior Advisor, Business Families Institute | Singapore Management University 


"A lot of our Adult Educators should not just keep thinking that the world that they know will stay unchanged. You might be sharing knowledge that you have acquired 5 years ago. New things have been happening in the last 5 years, so you must keep on learning."

Christopher Chia

Transforming learning through technology

Director, Organisational Excellence Transformation Unit | National University of Singapore


"Industries are changing faster than we can blink. Within 5 years, industries can come and go. If the industries themselves have not changed within that 5-year time frame, they may well be not in business... Therefore by default, the TAE professionals supporting these sectors would also have this same challenge of keeping up with these changes."


"Have fun in your job... If you do not find fun in your job, then you must create that fun in your job."

Eric Teo

Mentoring young chefs for the global stage

Master Mentor | Asian Culinary Institute


"If i were to cultivate the F&B industry, I would like to cultivate it as a family, as a team. The industry is very wide, and technology is evolving so fast. It is a very, very competitive world out there, but we can make it such that everybody wins."


"I believe our attitude will define our success. Give all you got, be kind, and you will see the next generation coming up just like you. If you have achieved your goals in life then it's time to help others to achieve theirs as well."

Lim Swee Hia

Advancing skills and practice of nurses

Senior Director | Special Project | SingHealth Health Services | Singapore General Hospital


"Looking at the healthcare scenarios, the ageing population, chronic diseases... the healthcare industry has to evolve now. Technology is coming in... All of us should continue to upgrade, to expand our knowledge and skills, and see how we can contribute back to the industry."

Lim Yeow Khee

Pioneering skills-based learning in aerospace

President | Singapore Institute of Aerospace Engineers


"To make sure the profession continues, you have to groom the next generation. Classroom teaching is out... Learning must be fun - that is important. Education, especially Adult Education, is very society oriented. Each society learns differently. You can't possibly be recognised as an educator, if you do not understand this."