Critical Thinking in the Era of Industry 4.0 – powered by QUESTS ©

Lecturer iconYang Yen Thaw (Mr)
Course Duration: 3 hours
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Course Dates

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This is a fully online session conducted via ZOOM. Participants can participate in the session from any venue of their convenience with a laptop / device that is compatible with ZOOM. More details on participating in the session will be send to the confirmed registrants.

What Is The Session About?

In the era of Industry 4.0, innovation, decision making, problem solving, process development, sense making, and transdisciplinary thinking will be guided by technologies including AI in all spheres, especially in their aspirations, business, career, development, and education.


QUESTS© examines the above in a logical manner, backed by evidence, come up with a solution through innovative ideas, creating an action plan, and actioning on it.


Critical Thinking powered by QUESTS© is a unique and innovative approach that is applicable across individuals and industries! It adopts a detailed approach and introduces practical applications to how to approach a problem, dead-end, or a blank.


Knowledge-based learning objectives (for primer, only group discussion and feedback):

  1. Know the relevance of industry 4.0
  2. Know the relevance of CT w.r.t. industry 4.0
  3. Know the role of data in CT
  4. Know the concept and definition of Critical Thinking and its importance
  5. Know the evolution of CT and its constituent parts
  6. Know the thinking process
  7. Know why CT is important
  8. Know CT in relation to other types of thinking
  9. Know CT powered by QUESTS©
  10. Know application of QUESTS© and what it is used for
  11. Know the various components of QUESTS©
  12. Know key questions to ask self
  13. Know to apply CT in a VUCA world

Skills-based learning objectives (for primer, only group discussion and feedback):

  1. Apply QUESTS© to a work situation (HR Department)
  2. Apply QUESTS© to other subjects, problems, decisions, and other areas
  3. Apply Quick & Dirty QUESTS© solution to Learner’s industry
  4. Apply QUESTS© to individual’s Aspirations, Business, Career, Development, Education

What Does The Session Cover?

Critical Thinking powered by QUESTS©, covers and references:

Quick intro on Concepts and importance of critical thinking and what it really means
Quick intro on Relevance of data – the generation and use of data in a constant ever changing world today presents challenges to how data is handled. The programme addresses the relevance of data and its applications
Application of critical thinking to the workplace – an activity on direct application of QUESTS©
Quick intro on Transfer-Learning – learn how to apply QUESTS© to other situations and problems
Quick intro on the future relevance of Critical Thinking in Industry 4.0 while applying it to Aspirations, Business, Career, Development, and Education

Who Is It Suitable For?

  • Adult Education: Individuals involved in learning design, curriculum development, learning facilitation, competency assessment, integration of learning technology, or those involved in consultancy and advisory services relating to business performance.
  • Training Management: Individuals involved in the management or support of learning programmes, systems and technology management and implementation, quality assurance of learning programmes, and business development.

Course Funding and Policies


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About The Speaker

Yang Yen Thaw (Mr)

Yang Yen Thaw (Mr)

Director | 2iB Partners

Yang Yen Thaw (Mr) has held senior executive positions in management and law for companies with businesses spanning the world as well as running his own law firm for 12 years.

Yen Thaw has studied many different disciplines in his professional life. He has interwoven these together to create innovation and creativity in a unique technique meeting the needs of Industry 4.0. He also serves as CLO, Chief PDPA consultant, and management consultant for Singapore companies.

He has developed his own critical thinking process called QUESTS© – used for decision making, problem solving, and process development for individuals, and an original design thinking model – DT D.E.S.I.G.N., for the organization.

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