[SIG] Dig Deep, Build High: Vietnam – Field Trip Update

Lecturer iconAnderson Tan (Mr) & FT Liu (Mr)
Course Duration: 3 hours
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Course Dates

15 Nov 2023 - 15 Nov 2023
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This session is held on 15 November, 7pm to 10pm. Registration will close on 7 Nov, 2359 hrs.

Vietnam is the fastest growing economy in ASEAN. To support such economic growth, there is demand for skills capability and skills capacity building. This presents an unprecedented opportunity for Professionals and Entrepreneurs from Singapore to share their skills, knowledge, experience and solutions with the Professionals and Entrepreneurs in Vietnam so that they can take their economy to the next level.


This session will be conducted face-to-face at IAL, Experiment Room. More details on participating in the session will be send to the confirmed registrants.

What Is The Session About?

This session will focus on an update from the participants who went on the Field Trip to Vietnam, what they experienced and to answer any questions arising. The goal is to inspire fellow AEs to take the step to go international. Participants will hear from SIG Co-Chair Anderson Tan who walks the talk and is now based in Vietnam 80 per cent of his time. They will hear from him on what it takes to break into an overseas market including immersing into the local culture. 

To find out more about the full range of our SIG2023, click here.

What Does The Session Cover?

At the end of the session, participants will be able to take-away the following:

Good understanding of what transpired at the Field Trip to Vietnam, details of the itinerary, who we met and why, and what key learnings from the trip. 
Participants will also be challenged to explore, besides training, what other services they can offer to the Vietnam market. This can be done by partnering with solution providers as follows:
  • Project financing: This will allow us to be at the top of the value chain
  • Project training: This will allow the client to have a flavour of being an Adult Educator
  • Project consultancy: This increase the value that the Adult Educator has to offer besides training

Who Is It Suitable For?

All Adult Educators and Professionals who want to share their skills, knowledge, experience and solutions with the professionals in emerging markets.

Course Funding and Policies

This session is open to AEN members for free.  To register for AEN membership, please click here.

About The Speaker

Anderson Tan (Mr)

Anderson Tan (Mr)

Chairman | Accelebator Pte Ltd
Anderson Tan is a Practising Management Consultant (PMC), and a Specialist Adult Educator (SAE).  Equipped with a Masters in Lifelong Learning and Masters in Engineering; and managing several government Approved Training Organisations (ATO), Anderson has extensive and deep experience in bringing ATOs into the international markets through a novel investment structure and vehicle.

Since 2018, Anderson has been venturing into the emerging economies in the region. He has established an overseas network of companies and partners in the training and adult eduction space. Specifically, he is exporting the Singapore brand of the Skills Framework to the public sector in these emerging economies. This has been embraced by the Philippines Government. Other countries where he has established a presence are Indonesia and Vietnam.
FT Liu (Mr)

FT Liu (Mr)

AEP (SAE), CEO | Professional Supremacy Corporation Pte Ltd
FT Liu is a Professional Management Consultant, a Specialist Adult Educator (Facilitation), an Adult Educator Mentor, and an ACTA-Certified trainer. He is currently undergoing his Certification as a Workplace Learning Specialist.  Equipped with a masters in knowledge management and an honours degree in engineering, FT has more than 25 years of regional sales and marketing experience with various US and European multinationals.

With the Singapore economy slowing down to 2 to 3 per cent for the next decade, FT decided to leverage his regional sales and marketing experience to bring Professionals from Singapore to share their skills, knowledge and experience with the Professionals in Developing Economies so that they are equipped to take their economy to the next level.

His first overseas target was Yangon, the commercial capital of Myanmar and FT has already obtained sustained growth in TAE engagements in the last 3 years. Leveraging his years of experience as a Regional Sales and Marketing professional, FT led the team to develop Go-To-Market plan for Myanmar. This includes organising the annual Professional Development Conference, the platform where professionals can launch their offerings to managers from the top 200 private companies in Myanmar. The team was able to break into the Yoma Strategic Group, one of the top 5 conglomerates in the country.
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