AE Career Advisory Questionnaire

AE Career Advisory Questionnaire

A career in adult education can be a rewarding and fulfilling one. However, there is a common perception that getting ACLP means you will be able to cross successfully into the adult education landscape, and that assignments will be waiting for you. In reality, this is not how the industry works. Being an adult educator (AE) is bigger than just getting an ACLP qualification.

  • If you are a potential ACLP applicant, here are 18 questions to think about to help you make an informed choice about whether ACLP is the next step that you want to take. These questions are based on real-life freelance adult educators' career experiences.

  • If you are currently full-time employed, try answering the questions as you imagine yourself venturing into the freelance AE world maybe in future. You never know!

  • If you are already an existing freelance adult educator, you will find these questions useful in assessing where you are currently in your freelance career.

If you have further questions after taking the self-assessment, and would like to speak with a real-life freelance AE for advice, sign up for our 2 hour programme “In conversation with AEs: Should I Become a Freelance AE?”. Please note however, that this is an advisory service and does not provide assignment-matching opportunities at IAL or elsewhere.

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