[RECORDED] The Art and Science of Learner Engagement


[RECORDED] The Art and Science of Learner Engagement


25 Aug 2022


Online via Zoom, 25 Aug, 12.30PM - 1.30PM

[RECORDED] The Art and Science of Learner Engagement


In the Training & Adult Education industry, just as in management circles, we may hear a lot of innovative terms for saying similar things. Everybody just wants to sound different. From bite-size learning to micro to nano...and may I propose femto and atto ("billion-billionth") learning? Let's not waste time subscribing to more "sexy" terms to sound impressive and learned. Do we really not know that any knowledge we seek to impart to learners should be basically made Easy to understand, Engaging and Effective in a well-paced manner? With the advancement, availability and affordability of technology tools to support learning, learning delivery approaches have become more exciting than ever. Actually, we may already be spoilt for choice to the point of experiencing cognitive dissonance.

In this 1-hour sharing session, Bryan, as an Adult Educator, Industry Practitioner, and Technogogist, will share his thoughts and experience on making sense of practical learning approaches, combining the use of AI-technology tools and platforms to know your learner, impart the learning, monitor learning interest and maintain warm contact with learners even after the learning.


1. Mr. Bryan Tay, Diowise


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