Demystifying XR and Metaverse in Learning


Demystifying XR and Metaverse in Learning


22 Sep 2022


Online via Zoom, 22 Sep, 2PM - 3PM

Demystifying XR and Metaverse in Learning


The rapid normalisation of hybrid work globally has caused organisations to turn to digital tools and technologies. Extended Reality (XR) solutions have become a primary component in companies' digital transformation strategies, with their scope expanded from operations to digital knowledge capture/visualisation, workforce training and employee engagement. The Metaverse is set to play a pivotal part in al of this. But just what IS the Metaverse, and how exactly do you make use of it and XR to create more immersive learning experiences?

Join our upcoming innovBite session to learn what exactly is XR and the Metaverse, and how leading hardware, solutions and learning applications are used in learning through use cases from XR technology leaders such as Microsoft, Lenovo, Taqtile, and Meta.

1. Mr. Bala Murali, Agilitas Learning 

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